Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Highlights from Day 4 - Term 4


1. Arbit CP Cult
  • Thou shalt excercise freedom of speech and abuse it with utter disregard to everybody else's freedom
  • Thou shalt have a opinion on anything and would be disqualified if they go through 15 minutes of no CP

2. No Arbit CP Cult
  • Thou shalt restrain from any kind of speech and communicate only in signals or at max a YES or NO
  • Thou shalt compensate for the over-abuse of Freedom of Speech of Arbit CP cult so Class average remains acceptable
3. Kela Cult
  • Shall further Kela in the Snack segments and shall start by not sharing their kela with anyone. Self-help is the best help.
  • Flag-ship event to be conducted every year to reinforce the belief in the cult

4. Spanky Cult
  • One of the oldest cults to exist and not restricted to any class of citizens
  • Recognized from non-cult members by Chappal in one hand and spank mark on the butt

5. Sleep in Class cult
  • Believe in sensory deprivation for better output

6. Devil's Advocate
  • Disagree with anything regardless of sanity or relevance
Underground Cults

1. Honor Code Ranbir Cult
  • Member should be able to exhibit 3 dance steps from HCR's Dance competition performance
2. Pappu Cult
  • Pappu can't CP saala

3. Wild Life Cult
  • The lesser said the better. The pic is self-explanatory

4. Gayme Cult
  • Life is a Gayme. Play it when hard.

Other Highlights

1. In sports action Vishakha Infrastructure went head-to-head with Mudit Housing. Even the use of "Arre Baba" and Soumitra's late cameo didnt help Vishakha overcome Mudit and match ended in a exciting draw. Kishore covered the full match in totality.

2. Honor code Ranbir exposed: Ranbir was the first one to raise hands in the GSB Class when asked as to who all will be willing to pay bribes. So much for the Honor Code !

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